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Welcome to SOMI

(aka South of Mill)

The inspiration for our name comes from the rich history that shaped this old brick neighborhood — the first one in Seattle. 

Pioneer Square owes its existence to the lumber mill. Mill Street was the northern boundary and log shoot (skid row) to the water where they'd pack up the logs and ship them out. Later on, Mill Street was renamed Yesler Way, after a city founder.

SOMI is two blocks south of that historic log run.

Image by Patrick Fore


Breakfast & Lunch combo (Brunch!) — Tuesday through Sunday 10am -3pm

Dinner — Tuesday through Saturday 4pm-9pm

Meg's Burger pop-up  — Tuesday through Saturday 2pm-4pm

Happy Hour — Tuesday through Saturday 4pm-6pm

(Closed Monday)

*Hours and menus are subject to change for major game days and stadium events.

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